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Website Privacy Information

This privacy policy outlines how we handle user information collected from this website.

Do you store personal information about site users?

Unless you send a message via the contact page, no personally identifying information is stored. If you do send a message the only personal information supplied is your name and email address. This will be used to reply to your message, but will not be passed on to anyone else.

Does this site use browser cookies?

Yes, but no personally identifying information is stored. The text size controls located at the top right of every page use a browser cookie called “cm_text_style” to save the selected option. The information stored in this cookie lets your browser know if you’ve chosen small, normal or large text. No other information is saved. (Users on mobile devices such as the iPhone will not see the text size controls.)

This site uses WordPress, a popular content management system which may set its own cookies for functions such as image gallery display. As before, none of these cookies store personally identifying data and are used simply to help the site function.

Most web browsers allow you to turn off cookies if you’d prefer not to allow them. You will still be able to use this website but functions such as the text size controls will no longer work.